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Covid-19 Mask Policy 

You can find the most up to date information from the county here: Pinellas County Covid-19 Response and Recommendations

Maison Beaudry will be following the CDC Guidance going forward. You can check the most up to date information from the CDC here: Guidance for Covid-19

  • If you are fully vaccinated (2 weeks post your final vaccine) you may resume activities you did prior to the pandemic and not wear a mask. 

  • If you have not yet been vaccinated or are choosing to skip the vaccine, I do ask that you wear your mask in the salon, as this is consistent with the CDC recommendations. 

  • I want to be as respectful as possible to all of my clients; and to avoid feeling as though you are being put on the spot, if you would like everyone to wear masks for your visit regardless of vaccination status of those present; or just would prefer to not discuss it in person, hit the button below to shoot me an email prior to your appointment and I will ensure that there will be zero issues for your visit prior to your arrival. ​​


As always, thank you so much for your continued love and support for both myself and my business, without ya'll I wouldn't be here doing what I love most, and that is not lost on me! 

We are almost there, and we can do this!

Much Love,


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