Since moving to St. Pete, dreadlocks have become and interest and a passion for me! Its so great to see them so frequently in this city and on such a variety of people! 

Whether you want to start a new set of dreadlocks, maintain or even add extensions to the ones you have, I can help you!

I use the backcomb and crochet technique for starting dreadlocks, and crochet for maintaining. The goal is always to maintain the health of your hair and to avoid any breakage. 


Maintenance - $65/per hour. most full heads can be completed within 1-2 hours. 

New Installation and Extensions- schedule a free consult for a complementary quote. Density, and length and full vs. partial dreads can all be factors in pricing. 


Synthetic Accent Dreadlocks: $5-$10 each 


Before & Afters