Day O N E Hair

Okay! Day UNO! I want to show you how I can go 2-3 weeks before shampooing my hair. Did I start doing this overnight? nope! I used to have a full head of dreadlocks which definitely helped me learn to not over-wash my hair, or conversely, it made me very very lazy for brushable hair!

Because I don't wash my hair daily; or even more than weekly, my scalp has become very used to it and no longer creates so much sebum (aka oil). There are tactics and of course products that can help you go longer in between shampoos, saving your hair and time!

So to kick things off, I'm sharing my day one routine! There are more products here than you will see in any of my other blog posts to come (or even possibly your local sephora!). My hair type is thick and coarse, so it takes a few products to get it in check on day one.

Firstly, I shampoo and condition. I used the Velveteen Dream shampoo and conditioner. I also shampooed TWICE!

Wait, what? Why would I shampoo twice?! Well, because I haven't washed my hair in about 2 weeks, I do have a buildup of products as well as oils. You have to give your shampoo a chance to do it's job, and if it isn't lathering up well on the first wash, it hasn't fully been effective! Try it! If you feel like your hair gets oily too quickly, this will always be one of my very first suggestions!

Here is proof I washed my hair, I even waited to get to my studio to blow dry it so I could snap a few photos for ya'll.

I did only wash the top of my hair, This week I didn't wash my dreadlocks, they seemed fine other than really needing some maintenance.

Before blow drying I sprayed in some Amika Wizard detangling spray and brushed thru with my wet brush to remove any knots. Then I used Amika Shield - which is an anti humidity spray aka basically a staple for living here in Florida or anywhere in the south! I also smoothed a cocktail of Amika Velveteen Dream and the new Olaplex #6 leave in onto my mids and ends.

After blow drying with my vented Wet Brush, I ran a little Amika Super Nova creme thru my ends to help de-puff them a little before curling with my 1.25 inch curling iron. I curl everything away from my face, and only do about 4 sections per side, today I parted in the middle because lately I'm feelin' it, but I do flip between sides and partings frequently.

After curling, I let them cool just a bit to help retain the curl longer, then I spray a little un done texture spray in my hair to give it a little grip, some Vandal volume powder at the root and I finished with a few sprays of Its a 10 shine spray! I ran my fingers thru a few times and voila! DAY ONE DONE!

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