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Since moving to St. Pete, dreadlocks have become an interest and a passion for me! Its so great to see them so frequently in this city and on such a variety of people!


​Whether you want to start a new set of dreadlocks, maintain or even add extensions to the ones you have, I can help you!

​I use the backcomb and crochet technique for starting dreadlocks, and crochet for maintaining. The goal is always to maintain the health of your hair and to avoid breakage and is suitable for all hair types

dreadlock maintenance


schedule a free consult for a complementary quote.


Density, and length and full vs. partial dreads can all be factors in pricing

Partial/half head 160-240

Full head 400-480


Synthetic Dreadlocks 5-15 each


time for a clean up?


I can work all those loose hairs back into the dreadlock they belong to, cleaning up sectioning, and as well as any matting or looping!


Most full heads can be completed

in 1-2 hours

80 per hour

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