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I'm originally from the Pacific Northwest and moved to the sunny beaches of St Pete, Florida for the opportunity to build the life I have always dreamed of; this amazing community has been so good to me and I am proud to see my business flourish in such a cool and diverse city.


I fell in love with dreadlocks by chance; having grown up in a fairly conservative city in Washington state, dreadlocks were never (ever ever) on my radar of what might be cool, but nevertheless, here I am almost 7 years into having my dreadlocks and I love them; my clients constantly tell me that it’s how they know for sure I am an artist; and in the very least, they are a great conversation starter!

When I’m not at the salon I can usually be found at the beach, rollerskating in downtown or out for a paddle on the water. My clients always mention that I am easy to talk to while providing a relaxed and welcoming environment. I love to have a good laugh & not take myself too seriously. (Queue corny blonde joke here)



Ive been doing hair for 8 years,  and color is my favorite part of being a stylist. I like the creativity that comes with helping a client express themselves and seeing the smile on their face is fulfilling- as women we all know that feeling! 


After 6 years in Arizona, I realized I am NOT a desert girl and I relocated to  beachy St Pete to bask in the sun! My favorite part of St Pete is that there truly is a sense of being able to be yourself without judgment- its such a great community! 


After work you’ll find me power lifting with my gym fam or snuggling my big ol orange kitty named Fluff! 


I can’t wait to meet you, see you soon! 

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